Community Resources

Our community has many resources that enrich Jewish life and observance. We have listed some of them below for your convenience:



The Stanton Street Shul is located within the Manhattan Eruv. The Map of the Manhattan Eruv can be found  here.


Yoetzet Halacha 

The Yoetzet Halacha serving the Stanton Street Shul is Ilana Gadish. She is available to answer your questions related to Taharat Hamishpacha [Family Purity], laws of niddah, sexuality and women's health.

Contact her by phone at (646) 598-1080, or by email at

Ilana Gadish serves as the Yoetzet Halacha for a number of synagogues in Manhattan, and is a graduate of Nishmat's U.S. Yoatzot Halacha Fellows program. Ilana also teaches Talmud and Tanakh at the Ramaz Upper School. Ilana received her M.A. in Biblical and Talmudic Interpretation at the Graduate Program in Advanced Talmudic Studies (GPATS) at Stern College for Women, where she also received her B.A. with a major in Judaic Studies and a minor in Biology. She spent a year studying at Midreshet Lindenbaum in Jerusalem, as well as two summers at the Drisha Institute. Ilana currently lives on the Upper West Side with her husband, Moshe Peters.



There are several mikvaot that serve our community for ritual immersion. For a complete list and to find the one best suited to your needs, visit, or speak with Rabbi Bodner or Yoetzet Ilana Gadish.


Lower East Side Kosher Establishments

  • Butcher - East Side Glatt - 500 Grand St, New York, Phone: (212) 475-6915
  • Bakery - Moishe's Bakery - 504 Grand St, New York, Phone: (212) 673-5832
  • Kosher Store - Eastside Kosher - 510 Grand St, New York, Phone: (212) 477-3434


Kosher Restaurants in Manhattan

KJ ‘s Manhattan Kosher Establishments List 


Jewish Museums on the Lower East Side

  • Museum at Eldridge Street - Discover the history, architecture and spiritual significance of the Eldridge Street Synagogue, the first great house of worship built by East European immigrants in America.
  • Kehila Kedosha Janina Museum Learn more about the Holy Congregation of     Janina and discover the nearly 2,300 year old history of the Romaniote Jews of Greece.
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