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About Us

The Stanton Street Shul is a historic, intimate, and vibrant Orthodox congregation serving the diverse Jewish population of Lower Manhattan. Our gates are open to all who wish to worship and connect in a beautifully renovated historic shul, with heartfelt davening and a welcoming, eclectic congregation. We attract and welcome Jews of all religious, educational, and cultural backgrounds from the Lower East Side, Alphabet City, East and West Villages, Stuyvesant Town, Tribeca, Financial District, and beyond.

Stanton Street Shul and the Lower East Side

The Lower East Side is both a historical and living Jewish community. The Stanton Street Shul’s unique mix embraces continuity between the older population of immigrants and long-time Lower East Side residents on the one hand, and younger singles and couples just starting families on the other. Traditional services are held in an intact tenement synagogue building that embodies the hopes of those who came there a century ago. Constructed in 1913 at the height of Jewish immigration to the Lower East Side (over a million and a half immigrants came through New York before World War I), the synagogue housed a congregation founded in 1894 by immigrant Jews from the town of Brzezany (“Brzezany” is the Polish name, “Brzezan” the Yiddish name) in Galicia, Poland (now in the Ukraine).

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