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Women's Tefillah Group

Join other Jewish women on the Lower East Side for women’s Torah readings and tefillah on Purim, Simchat Torah, and multiple Shabbatot throughout the year.

We're always looking for more women to layn and participate, so contact us if you're interested in getting involved or learning how to layn or lead services.




2022-23 / 5783 Schedule

Torah Reading on Simchat Torah on October 18th

Shabbat Parashat Chayei Sarah on Nov 19th

Shabbat Parashat Bo on Jan 28th

Shabbat Parashat Emor on May 6th

Shabbat Parashat Korach on June 24th


Rosh Chodesh Tevet on Sunday Dec. 25th (also Hanukkah)

Rosh Chodesh Sivan on Sunday May 21st

Celebrate Your Simcha at The Stanton Street Shul

We love celebrating lifecycle events with our members and friends! The Stanton Street Shul Women's Tefillah Group has hosted special Bat Mitzvah and Shabbat Kallah services. Please contact us to discuss hosting your simcha at Stanton. 

Tue, June 25 2024 19 Sivan 5784