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Shabbat Chol Hamoed & Shmini Atzeret / Simchat Torah

Stanton Street Shul Weekly Newsletter
Week of October 21, 2016 / Tishrei 19, 5777

Shabbat Chol Ha'Moed &
Shemini Atzeret / Simchat Torah

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We rely on your generosity to keep us going with weekly prayer services, kiddushes, classes, kids programming, women's tefilah, cultural programs and other events. Click here to make a donation to the Stanton Street Shul! (We need your moral support, too: Click here to "Like" us on Facebook!)

This Week's Schedule

Erev Shabbat, October 21: Chol Hamoed Sukkot (Tishrei 19)
5:48p Candle Lighting
5:55p Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat

Shabbat, October 22: Chol Hamoed Sukkot, (Tishrei 20)
9:30a Shacharit

10:30a StantonKIDS
12:00p Kiddush in the sukkah is sponsored by the house.
6:54p Havdalah

Sunday, October 23: Hoshana Rabah (Tishrei 21)
5:45p Candle Lighting
5:55p Mincha/Ma'ariv

Services will be followed by the Shmini Atzeret Community Dinner for those who registered.

Monday, October 24: Shmini Atzeret (Tishrei 22)

9:30a Shacharit services

10:30a Yizkor

5:45p Mincha

after 6:44p Candle Lighting

6:45p Ma'ariv and Hakafot

Tuesday, October 25: Simchat Torah (Tishrei 23)

9:30a Shacharit

10:30a Hakafot and Torah Reading

10:30a Women's Hakafot and Torah Reading
6:50p Havdalah

StantonKIDS on Shabbat Morning, 10:30am

The children of Stanton had great fun decorating the Sukkah this past Sunday. This Shabbat, StantonKIDS is back this Shabbat, October 22, with more Sukkot-themed fun! All children are invited for songs, prayers, games and snacks centered around the Sukkot holiday. The program will begin at 10:30am and meets downstairs in the beit midrash.

This week's StantonKIDS is sponsored by Larissa and Ami Nahari in honor of Eitan and Ivri's birthday. Happy birthday!

Simchat Torah at Stanton!

Simchat Torah is the time we celebrate the end of the past year's cycle of Torah reading and the beginning of the new one. It's one of the most joyous and most fun of all the Jewish holidays, where we dance with the Torah, drink some schnapps, and where traditionally everyone who wants to gets called up to the Torah.

Take part in the merriment at our Maariv services on Monday, October 24, where we'll have hakafot (dancing with the Torah) for both men and women (in separate circles), and come again on the morning of Tuesday, October 25, for more hakafot and Torah reading. We have a traditional Torah reading upstairs and a women's only Torah reading downstairs so ALL who want to get an aliyah can do so. See above for the complete schedule!

I Am Woman, Hear Me Layn: Women's-Only Torah Reading and Hakafot for Simchat Torah, October 25

All women are invited to participate in Stanton's Women's Only Torah Reading on Simchat Torah morning, October 25.

Instead of waiting around upstairs while the menfolk get aliyot, join us in the beit midrash downstairs for a reading of Parashat V'Zot Ha'bracha and get your own aliyah! The reading is by women and for women only. The men and women will come together upstairs for the readings of the end and beginning of the Torah.

Women also will have our own Torah-dancing circle for hakafot on Simchat Torah night and day.

Please join us for lively dancing and singing for ALL!

SAVE THE DATE: An Evening To Benefit the Historic Stanton Street Shul on November 15

Registration is now open for an Evening to Benefit the Historic Stanton Street Shul!


We hope you can join us on Tuesday, November 15, at the Angel Orensanz Center for an elegant evening featuring a live concert, cocktails and dinner. Click here to register, place a congratulatory ad, or make a contribution.


The Evening To Benefit the Historic Stanton Street Shul will honor our friends April Stewart Klausner and Paul Klausner, and we will bestow the Nachshon Young Leadership Award on our members Wendy Chin and David Tuchman! All proceeds will benefit the Stanton Street Shul Building Fund to help repair and restore our historic building.


If you'd like to help the planning committee or have questions, email

Stanton's New Website!

If you haven't visited Stanton's new website, go to (same address as before) and check it out!
The new site has all the same info and capabilities of our old site plus a whole lot more -- including a more personalized user experience.

In order to take full advantage of our dynamic new site, each community member will get a private account, where you can update your contact information, add family members and lifecycle dates, keep track of your donations and payments to the shul, and more!
If we already have you in our directory, you should have received an email with all of the info you need to login and set up your account. If you did not receive that email and would like an account, please email and we'll get you set up!

Volunteering at Stanton

One of the many strengths of our shul is the variety and multiple talents and abilities of our congregants. It takes a lot to run our shul and our programming, and we can probably use your help. Are you a tech guru, web design aficionado, or social media wiz? A master event planner, fundraiser, or program coordinator? An accountant, lawyer, or investment professional? A trained carpenter, electrician, or contractor? If you have any of these or other skills, professional or amateur, that you'd like to contribute to Stanton, speak to Rabbi Bodner, Rivky Friedman, or another member of the board and let's think about how we can help make Stanton flourish together.

Planned Giving at Stanton

Looking for a way to give back to Stanton, not right now, but maybe at some point in the future? Consider planning a long-term gift to the shul. We encourage anyone interested in discussing various ways to plan a gift now that will be given in the future to contact Board members Michael Gordon or Rivky Friedman, or Rabbi Bodner. There are many ways to go about planned giving and we are happy to discuss the various options that might work for you. 

The Stanton Street Shul is proud to be a member synagogue of
The Downtown Va'ad!

The Downtown Va'ad is an Orthodox rabbinic network, intended to advance the welfare and flourishing of the Downtown community. Check out the Va'ad on Facebook for more information.

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