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Weekly Update - Shabbat Bamidbar and Shavuot

Stanton Street Shul Weekly Newsletter
Week of June 7, 2019 / Sivan 5, 5779

Shabbat Parashat Bamidbar and Shavuot

This Week's Schedule:

Erev Shabbat, June 7: 48th Day Omer (Sivan 4)
7:00p Mincha/Maariv

(8:07p Candle Lighting Time, Remember to light a yahrzeit candle, so you can use it to light candles for Yom Tov)
7:30p Pre-Shavuot Community Dinner - Registration closed

Thank you to our dinner sponsors: Jeff Katz, Alan Schwartz, David Silverman, Alvin Goldstein and Barry Feldman

Tonight's Sefirah Count Is: היום תשעה וארבעים יום שהם שבעה שבועות לעמר

Shabbat, June 8: Erev Shavuot, 49th Day Omer, Bamidbar (Sivan 5)
9:30a Shacharit
12:00p Kiddush

7:55p Mincha followed by Seudah Shlishit and Lecture by David Deutsch.
9:00p Maariv followed by dinner for the entire community. Dinner is sponsored by Avraham Sosa and Chavie Sharfman in honor of Avraham's 3rd conversion anniversary 


Candle Lighting after 9:15p (Remember to light a yahrzeit candle, so you can use it to light candles for Second Yom Tov)


9:30p Tikkun Leil Shavuot - Evening of Learning -  Lectures by Avraham Sosa and Rabbi Bodner - For more information click here or see below.

Sunday, June 9: Shavuot - 1st Day (Sivan 6)

9:30a Shacharit

10:30a StantonKids for Shavuot

12:00a Kiddush


An Ice Cream Kiddush is sponsored by Rivky and David Friedman in memory of Dr. Solomon Honig Z"l, whose 20th yahrzeit is this Shavuot.


No Services at Stanton on Monday Night.

Candle Lighting after 9:16p

Monday, June 10: Shavuot, Yizkor (Sivan 7)

9:30a Shacharit

10:20a Megilat Ruth

10:45a Yizkor

11:45a Kiddush

No Services at Stanton on Monday Night.

9:17p Havdalah

Shabbat with Rabbinic Candidate - Rabbi Shmuel Rosenberg, June 14-15

Rabbi Shmuel Rosenberg, is one of the impressive candidates we discovered through our search and has been invited to meet the Stanton community. This is an opportunity for our community to gain a sense of his personal, spiritual and leadership skills.   


Shabbat Schedule:

7:00 pm - Kabbalat Shabbat with Dvar Torah 

7:30 pm - Shabbat Community Dinner with meet and greet with the Rabbi (Register here)


9:30 am - Shachrit with Dvar Torah with the rabbi

12:00 pm - Kiddush


7:15 pm - Shiur with with rabbi

8:00 pm - Mincha

8:20 pm - Seudah Shlishit with Q&A session with the rabbi

9:10 pm - Maariv and Havdalah



Rabbi Shmuel Rosenberg was raised Hasidic and educated in Yeshiva Or Shraga Itzhak (Borush-Ruzhyn.)  He received his semicha from Beit Menachem, a Chabad yeshiva, in Bnei Brak.  Rounding out his education he received a B.A in Jewish Thought, Talmud & Halacha, from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  Rabbi Rosenberg served as rabbi of the Orthodox community in Wroclaw (Breslau), Poland and of Kehilat Tiferet Shalom, in Ramat AvivIsrael. He is attracted to the Stanton Street Shul because it is orthodox, open, welcoming and progressive.  He believes that combination defines him very well.

Community News:

We are excited to announce that two very strong rabbinic candidates have been invited to 

the Shul to meet the Stanton Street Shul family. After several interviews, the Search Committee has vetted two candidates to date. These Shabbatot will be an opportunity for our community to meet and greet these impressive men. 

June 14-15, Parsha Nasso - Rabbi Shmuel Rosenberg (see details below)

July 12-13, Parsha Chukat - Rabbi Ben Keil 

Please submit questions you would like to ask the rabbis at the Q & A sessions to Jeff Katz in advance


Mazal Tov to our Gabbai, Avraham Sosa for making Jewish Week's 36 under 36! See here.

Fathers' Day at the Stanton Street Shul

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16, and the Stanton Street Shul is beginning a new tradition to honor our fathers, grandfathers, husbands and sons by listing their names on a Father’s Day Scroll of Honor. Be part of this special commemoration by adding your name and the names of your favorite male relatives to the list. Each name is $10 and will be read aloud this coming Shabbat, the day before Father’s Day. Submit your names here.
​​Deadline for submitting names - June 13

Mark Your Calendar!
Stanton Street Shul Membership Meeting - June 30th

The Stanton Street Shul Annual Membership Meeting will take place on Sunday, June 30, 2019 at 9:30 a.m. Detailed information will be sent out to members later this month.


Now is a great time to renew your membership or join the Stanton Street Shul.

  • Current members, please renew your membership on our website, using your Shulcloud account here.

  • If you are not yet a member, please join by filling out the form on our website.

We rely on our lay leaders, committee members, and volunteers. If you are interested in taking on a more active role at Stanton, please email

Tikkun Leil Shavuot - Evening of Learning, Saturday Night, June 8 

On Motzei Shabbat, Erev Shavuot, we will have a Tikkun Leil Shavuot (evening of learning) with a community dinner. All are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Schedule of the evening:

7:55 pm - Mincha

Followed by Seuda Shishit with class taught by David Deutsch

8:45 pm - Maariv followed by dinner for the entire community (sponsors welcome!)

9:30 pm - Talk by Avraham Sosa: "Community and Converts: a Shared Responsibility" 

10:30 pm - Talk by Rabbi Aviad Bodner: "David HaMelech or David the Politician?" - An in-depth study of King David's rise to power 

Upcoming StantonKIDS Program - Shabbat, June 15th @ 10:30 am

Join us for our StantonKIDS program! The class will be on Shabbat morning (June 15th) from 10:30am-12pm. To sponsor a future kids program, contact us at

Next Women's Tefillah for Parashat Shlach: June 29 - Shabbat Kallah for Chavie Sharfman

All women are invited to participate in our Women'sTefilah and Torah reading for Parashat Shlach, on Shabbat morning, June 29 where we will be celebrating the Shabbat Kallah of Chavie Sharfman! Services will begin at 9:30 am and will take place downstairs in the beit midrash. If you would like to layn, lead services, or give a d'var Torah, or if you have questions, send an email to

Upcoming Sponsorship Opportunities:

Friday Night Kiddush: June 21, 28

Shabbat Kiddush: June 8, 15, 22, 29

Rabbi's Classes: June 10,17,24


To sponsor a kiddush email us at

To sponsor a class, click here.


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