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Weekly Update - Shabbat Hazon / Parashat Devarim / Tisha B'Av

Stanton Street Shul Weekly Newsletter
Week of August 9, 2019 / 8 Av, 5779

Shabbat Hazon - Devarim - Tisha B'Av 

This Week's Schedule:

We will be joined by Rabbi Bodner for Shabbat and Tisha B'Av services.


Erev Shabbat, August 9 (Av 8)
7:00p Mincha/Maariv
7:44p Candle Lighting

Shabbat, August 10: Erev Tisha B'Av, Shabbat Hazon, Devarim (Av 9)

9:30a Shacharit

12:00p Kiddush is sponsored by Leslie Levinson Chu, David Chu, and Jonathan Levinson in memory of their father, Bertram Levinson, on his 10th yahrzeit;

and by Elana and Eric Reich in honor of their wedding anniversary.


1:35p Mincha


8:00p Fast of Tisha B'Av begins - no eating, drinking or washing


8:46p Recite "baruch hamavdil bein kodesh l'chol," take off leather shoes


9:20p Ma'ariv followed by reading of Eicha, recitation of Kinot, and communal singing led by Rabbi Bodner

Sunday, August 11: Tisha B'Av (Av 10)


9:00a Shacharit

8:32p Fast ends / Havdalah


(See below for more details about the halachot of Tisha B'av this year.)

Tisha B'Av at Stanton with Rabbi Bodner - Saturday Night, August 10

From sundown on August 10 until nightfall of August 11, we will be observing the fast of Tisha B'Av (this year observed on the 10th of Av). 


During this period, we mourn the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash (Holy Temple). We grapple with the sins of our ancestors, the baseless hatred said to have brought about the Temple's destruction, and our own responsibility to right their wrongs by repairing our relationships with each other. 


Join us for a meaningful and moving program, led by Rabbi Bodner, on Saturday night, August 10, beginning with Ma'ariv at 9:20 pm, followed by a reading of the Book of Eichah and communal singing of Kinot (Elegies) downstairs in the beit midrash. All are welcome.

Update from the Rabbinic Search Committee

After casting a wide net and conducting an exhaustive search, we have not hired a rabbi.  
Two candidates met with the congregation on two separate Shabbatot. The turnout for the Friday night dinners, services on Shabbat, and Q&A sessions with the candidates was very impressive.  The enthusiasm displayed by the congregation demonstrated our community‚Äôs strong interest in the process; in meeting the candidates, and in hearing what they had to say. In the end the survey responses many of you submitted strongly influenced our decision making. 
We hope you agree that the search process had integrity and direction. We believe we left no stone unturned considering that the search began very late in the season.  Rabbinic graduates receive smicha in the late spring and generally find employment for the coming year in the late winter or early spring. Our late start set us at a disadvantage.  
The Ritual Committee will be announcing plans for the High Holidays shortly. We are confident that our community will be properly served during this time of transition. As our search continues, we appreciate your patience and input. 


We look forward to the eventual positive outcome for our beloved shul. 

Halachot of Tisha B'Av This Year

This year, Tisha B'Av falls on Shabbat; therefore, the fast day is observed on Sunday (10th of Av), which begins motzei Shabbat  (Saturday evening). Unlike other years, one is permitted and encouraged to have a large seuda shlishit (third Shabbat meal) on Shabbat afternoon before the fast begins (Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chaim 552:10). It can be either meat or dairy. One should daven mincha before the meal. (We will be davening Mincha at 1:35 pm). 


One must be careful to conclude all eating and drinking before sunset, which takes place this Saturday at 8:00 pm. Beginning at that time, washing, eating and drinking are prohibited. However, we sit on chairs of regular height and wear normal footwear until nightfall.

After nightfall at 8:46 pm, one should recite the blessing: "Baruch Hamavdil bein Kodesh le-Chol" which allows one to engage in melakhah (work). One then takes off leather shoes and puts on canvas or rubber footwear. There is no regular havdalah on Saturday evening (havdalah over wine is postponed until after the fast.) We do however recite the blessing over the candle ("Borei Meorei Haesh") after Shabbat is over. This blessing is not contingent upon the blessing over the wine; it is an expression of thanks for the creation of fire, which according to a midrash was revealed to humanity on Shabbat's conclusion (SA OC 556). We will say this bracha publicly at shul after maariv.

Maariv at Stanton will begin at 9:20 pm followed by the reading of Megilat Eichah and recitation of the evening kinot, singing slow songs of dveikut - yearning for the presence of God - and songs about Jerusalem. All are encouraged to participate.

Please join us on Sunday morning at 9:00 am for Shacharit and Kinot at shul. We do not put on tefilin or a talit until mincha of Tisha B'Av (SA OC 555:1).

The fast ends at 8:32 pm. At the close of the fast, before eating and drinking, havdalah must be recited over grape juice or wine. Two blessings are recited: "HaGafen" and "HaMavdil"; we do not bless, however, over the spices and the candle. This year, since the fast is observed on the 10th of Av, the restrictions of the nine days are lifted on Sunday night. However, meat and wine are prohibited until Monday morning (SA OC 558:1).
"Anyone who mourns for Jerusalem merits to share in her joy" (Babylonian Talmud Taanit 30A).

Mazalot Restored

Three mazalot [Zodiac paintings] and wainscoting below have now been restored by Stanton's internal crew of artists: David Wander, Dory and Billy Bergman. The three mazalot include Chodesh Adar, Nisan and Iyar.


Spend some time examining the rich detail, the vibrant colors, and hopefully you will appreciate that eight of the twelve mazalot have been masterfully restored within the last two years. The eight have been generously sponsored by Stanton donors. The remaining four are still available to individuals, families or groups for sponsorship. If you are interested speak with Jeff Katz.

Next Shabbat

Shabbat Nachamu - Parashat Vaetchanan: Guest drasha given by Rabbi Melinda Zalma

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Stanton Summer Film Series

Join us for the Stanton Summer Series. Films, popcorn and soft drinks. Admission $10. All screenings are at 7:00 pm on Wednesday nights. (Please note that dates have changed since last week's newsletter.)


August 21:  The Dybbuk - A 1937 Yiddish language film with subtitles. Two lovers unaware that they were betrothed to each other before their births.


August 28:  The World of Sholem Aleichem - In English, a collection of three stories from Yiddish literature, staring Zero Mostel, Gertrude Berg, and Nancy Walker.


September 4: The Goldbergs (TV series 1949-1957)


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