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Weekly Update - Shabbat Yitro

Stanton Street Shul Weekly Newsletter
Week of January 25, 2019 / Shevat 19, 5779

Shabbat Parashat Yitro

This Week's Schedule:

Erev Shabbat, January 25 (Shevat 19)
4:47p Candle Lighting
5:15p Kabbalat Shabbat / Ma'ariv

Shabbat, January 26: Yitro (Shevat 20)
9:30a Shacharit
10:30a StantonKids Shabbat (Ends at 12:00p)
12:00p Kiddush


Kiddush and the stantonKids program this week are sponsored by Jon and Liz Miller in memory of Rochelle Miller, z"l, who dedicated her life to educating children. 

12:30p Mincha Gedola
5:49p Shababt Ends

Sunday, January 27 (Shevat 21)
6:00p Passing On The Light: A Poetry Reading and Yiddish Singing Event for Auschwitz Liberation Day (Ends at 8:00p)

Monday, January 28 (Shevat 22) - Rabbi Bodner's Classes
7:00p The Book of Shmuel
8:00p Advanced Halacha Class

Community News

  • Condolences to Eric Johnson on the passing of his mother, Grace Elizabeth Johnson z”l. To make a contribution to the Stanton Street Shul to honor the memory of Grace Elizabeth Johnson Z"l please click here. A card will be sent on your behalf to Eric and his family. Eric will accept visitors at his home (445 East 14th Street - Apartment 2-D) from Sunday (1/27) thru Thursday (1/31). The hours are as follows: Sunday (1/27) from 1 PM to 10 PM. Monday (1/28) to Thursday (1/31) 7 PM to 10 PM
  • Mazal Tov to Avi Sosa & Chavie Sharfman on their engagement!
  • The Stanton 11, an art show curated by David Wander, will be on view in the balcony from until March 17 during regular shul hours. If you are a potential buyer who is interested in seeing the art at a different time, please contact us at directly to coordinate.

A well attended Minyan last Sunday for David Deutsch's father's (Yisroel Zvi Halevi z"l) Yahrzeit

The Stanton 11 Art Show on the Balcony

This Shabbat - StantonKIDS - Shabbat, January 26th @ 10:30 am

Join us for our next StantonKIDS class! The class will be this week on Shabbat Yitro (Saturday, January 26th) from 10:30am-12pm.


The kids program and kiddush are sponsored by Jon and Liz Miller in memory of Rochelle Miller, z"l, who dedicated her life to educating children. 

Next Week - Passing On The Light: A Poetry Reading and Yiddish Singing Event for Auschwitz Liberation - Sunday, January 27, 6:00 pm

Come together at the historic Stanton Street Shul to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration and death camp. This special evening will feature writings and songs that shine light on the liberation aspect of this dark day and pass the light from an old generation to a new one, with performances by Iris Tillman, Julia Knobloch, and Lori Leifer. This event is dedicated to the memory of Mara Esther Popper z"l. For more information, click here.

ארוחת שבת לישראלים - שבת הבאה 1 בפברואר

בואו נפגש לארוחת שבת כולם ביחד, להכיר, לדבר, לאכול ולשתות עם עוד ישראלים נחמדים שגרים כאן במנהטן.

אם אתם ישראלים, וגרים בLower East Side, East Village, Chinatown - Financial District, West Village, SoHo, Tribeca (או כל מקום אחר) אתם מוזמנים להצטרף אלינו לארוחת שבת בעברית עם עוד אנשים כמוך מהארץ ולהרגיש בבית. מספר המקומות מוגבל מאוד (25 מקומות בלבד). לפרטים והרשמה לחצו כאן.

Early Childhood Opportunity: Join Olam Katan

The Stanton Street Shul hosts Olam Katan, a Hebrew/English drop-off play group for children approximately 1.5 - 3 years old. Kids learn tefillah and about Shabbat, holidays, and more through interactive play, crafts and outdoor time. Olam Katan meets between 8:30 AM and noon on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and provides a kosher lunch and snack. We have one spot available for the spring semester for a lucky little chaver or chavera. Want to learn more? Do you know any children or families who might benefit? Contact Lindsey Bodner at

Sunday evening, March 17
Pre-Purim Costume Gala in honor of Jeff Katz

For the past couple of years, Jeff Katz has tirelessly worked his magic on our formerly tired 106 year old building, bringing it back to shining life. On March 17, Stanton members and friends will gather, in costume, at the Shul to honor Jeff. The funds we raise will finance current and future work on the Shul's sanctuary and balcony space. Save the Date for an amazing evening. Click here for more information.

Upcoming Sponsorship Opportunities:

Friday Night Kiddush: Feb 1, 8, 15

Shabbat Kiddush: Feb 16, March 2, 9, 16

Rabbi's Classes: Jan 28, Feb 4, 11


To sponsor a kiddush email us at

To sponsor a class, click here.


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